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Side hustles you can start from home

Hustle From Home–50 Legit Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

I've compiled 50 interesting and unconventional ways that you can start a side hustle from home

With the global workforce growing at a quick rate and salaries remaining stagnant, many are turning to work-from-home side hustles to supplement their full-time income. In fact, 45% of Americans have reported working additional side jobs to keep themselves afloat. The desire to pay off debt and have more disposable income are common motivators for seeking side hustles. Not to mention, people like the idea of being able to work in their pajamas from their couch.

Side hustles by generation

We also see that Millennials are the top ‘side hustle’ generation and most side hustlers are using their side hustle money for extra spending money, paying living expenses and saving!


Just for clarification, these are IDEAS–I usually link a bunch of different job sites that you can find opportunities, but I haven’t done that this time around. If you are looking for a more guided path with systems already in place, I recommend you check out my other article “Work From Home: 40 Side Hustles Ideas You Can Start Today“.

A lot of these jobs you CAN find on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Thumbtack and others, so I recommend starting there if anything.

Without further ado–here are 50 unconventional side hustle ideas that you can start from home!


Transcriptionists take content from audio and video files and convert them into written text. Start your search by looking into transcription job sites or even offering up your services by reaching out to local companies that regularly put out their own videos.

Freelance Writer

There is no shortage of freelance writing opportunities out there. What you will have to determine is what you are interested in writing about. Freelance writers tend to take on many different projects on topics that span several different industries. One day they may be writing for a client who rents out vacation homes, while the next they are writing copy for a local law firm’s website. If you like to learn new things and have a way with words, you might just have a future as a freelance writer. Check out this list for 100 work from home writing jobs.


If you are still the same math whiz you were in high school, you might consider capitalizing on that by starting a tutoring gig. You can help students of all ages through sites designed to help connect people with such services, or you can advertise your own services online. Set your own hours and teach using just your laptop!

Freelance Graphic Designer

While many companies will hire graphic designers to work in-house, there are still many businesses that outsource their graphic design needs. Create a portfolio of your work and start pitching yourself to companies as a freelance graphic designer. Not only will this help you earn a little extra money, it will also allow you to build your portfolio of work.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help companies with various administrative tasks (think scheduling meetings, replying to emails, writing memos, and so on). You can apply for virtual assistant positions directly through companies and freelancing sites or pick up task-specific assignments.


If you’re someone that loves taking care of animals, you can offer to pet sit straight from your home. The best way to get started is to connect with family, friends, or neighbors and collect referrals as you go. You can also use sites like Rover as advertising platforms.

Customer Service Representative

Many companies employ remote customer service representatives to field customer questions, complaints, and concerns. As such, your job would be to answer calls directly from your phone at home. This side hustle is easy to fit into your schedule, as most operate after hours to fulfill customer needs.

Resume Writer

Help other job searchers in their journey toward their dream careers. You can offer a range of different services–anything from simply proofreading and editing resumes to writing them from scratch. Do the first few for free and use it as a launching pad for referrals, good reviews, and experience.

English Language Learners Teacher

Teach English online to people all over the world through platforms like VIPKid or Qkids. These platforms will even provide you with the curriculum and help you transition smoothly to teaching kids in other countries.

Data Entry Specialist

Data entry jobs are entry level and usually require inputting or transferring data into systems and some kind of record upkeep. If you have experience with spreadsheets and are highly organized, this job may be the perfect side hustle for you.


Utilize sites like Craigslist or Poshmark to resell old clothes that you have grown out of or items you simply no longer need. You can sell home goods, electronics, toys, and even collectibles.

Craft Maker

Turn your hobby into a business. If you are skilled at crafting, knitting, painting, metalworking, or some other type of art, you can sell your work through your very own ecommerce store on sites like Etsy.

Downloadable Content Creator

Downloadable content is easy to sell because it can be quickly accessed by the buyer. This can include things such as sewing patterns, Photoshop editing presets, or invitation templates.

Cryptocurrency Miner

You can choose to rent out your hard drive’s processing power for cryptocurrency mining. This requires a powerful computer, however. If you have such a computer and are willing to invest your time, cryptocurrency mining might just be the perfect job for you. You can even earn some cryptocurrency for yourself in the process.


You can make YouTube videos on almost any topic. Maybe you want to show people how to make a few recipes; perhaps you just want to show off your pet doing cute things. In any case, you can build a following and collect passive income each month from ad revenue.

Social Media Influencer

While social media influencers need to have a large number of followers to make decent money at it, they can make a pretty impressive income if they engage their audience well enough. If your following is large enough, you can earn money through post engagements with sponsored content.


Use sites like Airbnb or Neighbor to rent out extra space you may have like spare rooms or garage/storage space.

Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator reviews search engines like Google or Yahoo to help improve user experience. Companies like Lionbridge are always looking for remote help. While you usually need to pass an exam, the hours are flexible and plentiful.


Help grade a variety of exams through different testing companies. You can lend your expertise in tests such as AP subjects or professional licensing exams.


Do you have an eye for fashion? Apply to be a stylist and spend your days putting together outfits for a variety of clients. You can advertise yourself as a personal stylist or apply for jobs at companies like Stitchfix, which offers personalized services and work from home opportunities.

Social Media Manager

Social media is the new form of communication. Companies need consistent social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage their customers. Look for work by offering to manage social media for smaller companies or by offering your knowledge as services online.

Blog Writer

Not really interested in freelancing but still love to write and want to try to get paid for doing it? Consider starting a blog! Your blog will probably take awhile to yield any meaningful profit; however, once you have gained more readers and have established authority, you can use ads, sponsorships, or brand partnerships to generate revenue.

Write an eBook

Self-publishing has never been easier. You can write ebooks on any topic and sell them on sites such as Amazon. Perhaps there is a topic you know a lot about that you would like to teach more people about?

Online Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers help companies ensure their customers are receiving exceptional service. While most people think physical stores are the only place mystery shoppers exist, this can be done online as well. You can often find remote mystery shopper jobs posted on job sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, usually by marketing agencies. However, do beware: there are scammers out there who post fake mystery shopper jobs. Just remember: you should never have to pay money to work for anyone!

Focus Group Participant

Companies are very interested in developing high-quality marketing strategies that attract customers. Offer up your time to participate in marketing focus groups which will test your opinions on a variety of advertising plans and products.

Email Marketer

Email marketers spend time crafting effective emails that will engage their audiences. Because email marketing is so profitable, email marketers are usually in high demand. Use resources like MailChimp to get started.

Party Planner

If you have excellent organization and planning abilities, you would probably make an exceptional event planner. You can start with smaller events and work your way up as you gain clients and connections with businesses in the area.

Language Teacher

If you are proficient in another language, you can make money as a language tutor. These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. You can teach right from your laptop, allowing you to work from your kitchen table if you so choose.

Survey Taker

Online surveys are quick ways to make money while still going about your everyday routine. Sites like InboxDollars can help you find surveys online to take in your free time.

Online Chat Agent

You may notice that websites have pop-up chats that appear whenever someone visits the page. Believe it or not, it isn’t always a robot behind these chats. In fact, you can get paid to be an online chat agent that helps customers with their questions about products or services.


Those with degrees in accounting can step in to provide services that larger companies can’t. Many smaller companies especially will not have experience with their own bookkeeping and may need to hire someone else to manage this task for them. If you have a background in accounting and are looking to make a little extra cash, you may just be the one for the job!


As it turns out, being bilingual is quite lucrative. Whether you help create subtitles for videos or translate books, utilizing your language skills is a great way to tap into the world of side gigs.

Tech Support

All companies offer some form of tech support to their customers. As a tech support associate, you will walk customers through their issues and help them reach solutions all online.


Those who are sticklers for proper grammar and spelling can look into proofreading as a side hustle. You can get paid to edit just about anything: from papers to reports to full books!

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors represent a company and get paid by directing consumers to said company’s products or services. Those with large social media followings have an advantage when it comes to securing this kind of opportunity.

Travel Planner

If you are wanderlust right now, consider living vicariously through other travelers by becoming a travel planner. As a travel planner, you will help clients find deals on flights and hotels. You may even recommend interesting places to visit. Planning trips for others can be an easy way to make money while also exploring fun vacation options for yourself.

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer jobs are pretty much guaranteed remote. While your name isn’t personally attached to your writing, you can include it in a portfolio and take satisfaction in knowing that you made money while helping others achieve their communication goals.

Review Writer

Product and service reviews provide honest and accurate details on a specific product or service. Many sites like Influence Central offer quick ways to make money through leaving reviews on sites.

Remote Salesperson

Have you always been a people person who loves to talk and learn about new products? Try your hand at sales! As a remote salesperson, you can earn money hourly or through commission. Work from home sales can be a great option for the right person.

Video Editor

Work from home producing and editing videos for companies that are looking to expand their content.

Website Tester

Website testers walk through site design, navigation, and layout before a website is released to the public. Companies like User Testing focus specifically on the customer and you can look at their services to get started.

Online Music Teacher

Is your guitar collecting dust in the corner of your room? It might be the time to pick it up and try your hand at teaching others how to play! Like most teaching services, music is something that can be taught to others online and at your convenience.

Online Personal Trainer

Online workouts are the future. If you are passionate about physical fitness, consider offering your own personal training services to those who have busy schedules or have limited gym access. Work with clients anywhere with live sessions or premade workout schedules.

Tax Prepper

Tax season only comes once a year. That said, you can make a steady side income from home by helping people prepare their taxes before April 15th rolls around. You can even look for companies that file on a quarterly basis for more consistent work.

Online Notary

Notaries provide witness to legal document signings. While it takes a few steps (application, class, exam) before you are official, this is one of the easiest services you can advertise to others. It helps that a notary is needed for all types of documents.

Life Coach

If you enjoy helping others live to their fullest potential, you may be able to shine as a life coach. You can help others by providing services to create a plan of action towards improving their lives, careers, or whatever you happen to specialize in.

Voice Actor

Voice actors are needed for all types of material, from audiobooks to training videos. If you have a clear, easy-to-understand voice that people can’t help stopping to listen to, this side hustle could be perfect for you.


Maybe in the past, you have only dabbled in photography here and there. Maybe you have volunteered to take pictures at a friend’s party or just always liked capturing still-life photos of flowers. Whatever the case, if you are an adept photographer, you might be able to make a few bucks on the side! Get paid to creatively photograph products, food, interiors, and more.

App Developer

Whether writing code or coming up with new app ideas, app development has great potential for making money as a side hustle. It makes sense, considering there are so many apps available for use today.

Test Proctor

Online proctors verify IDs and monitor test takers throughout their exam, all through a webcam and microphone or screenshare of the test taker’s computer monitor. They work to ensure there is no cheating. Their schedules vary depending on the exam they proctor.

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