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Make money from home with your side hustle

Work From Home: 40 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today

I've compiled over 40 ways that you can start making money from home, quickly and easily with these side hustle ideas.

Making money as a side hustle while working from home is the literal dream for many of us. It’s why those “make money quick from your couch” ads are so enticing. But most of us never move past the dreaming stage and into the doing, and it’s easy to see why. 

The prospect of finding a consistent and reliable way to build a side hustle while working remotely seems intimidating. Either it’s too hard to find something valuable or we think it’s not realistic to make money in your free time using the skills you already have

But working remotely is not only possible but easy and accessible. There are thousands of people willing to hire you for things you’re already great at; you just need to know where to look. So I’m making the task a little easier and breaking it down for you.

If you’re ready to create a side hustle in your spare time, here are 40 ways to make money remotely.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection (and usually a PayPal account).

Quick Links

Get money back on purchases

Get Money Back Instantly

Rakuten: Rakuten is an app that you add to your browser to get money back on your online purchases automatically. 

Ibotta: Ibotta lets you take photos of your receipts and instantly get cash back in your pocket. It’s not much, but every bit adds up.

Dosh: Dosh is a free app that gives you money back on purchases from restaurants, hotels, and other local vendors. 

Share your opinion remotely

Share Your Opinion

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is one of the most comprehensive survey websites, offering paid surveys, videos, and games. You can even make money browsing the web like usual – just download the Swagbucks plugin to your browser. 

Vindale: Vindale pays you to take surveys and join panels. You can also make money through their referral program. 

Mindswarms: Unlike most survey websites, Mindswarms asks you to make video recordings of your perceptions and opinions. It’s a fun way to break away from traditional survey websites. 

User Testing: User Testing pays you to test websites and give valuable feedback to the website creators. Each website test takes 10-15 minutes to complete and pays $10.

Opinion Outpost: Opinion Outpost pays some of the best rates for surveys (up to $3/survey), but it can sometimes be hard to qualify. On the plus side, you can cash out via PayPal as soon as you hit $10. 

Survey Junkie: Users earn points answering surveys. You can trade in your points for cash or other prizes.

Transcribe audio and vide to text

Transcribe Audio/Video

Transcribe Me!: Rated one of the top work from home websites. Transcribe Me offers up to $20 per audio hour for transcriptionists. It’s one of the best transcription rates on the market for writers. 

Babble Type: If you’re a fast typist and also bilingual, you can pocket some extra cash translating and transcribing audio files. 

Become a secret shopper

Become a Secret Shopper

ARC Consulting: Do you love talking on the phone and shopping? Get paid to do both as a secret phone shopper. You may or may not have to make a purchase, but they’re always reimbursed. 

Field Agent: Similar to ARC Consulting, Field Agent will pay you to secret shop from home. If you feel like venturing into your neighborhood, you can also get paid to take photos inside stores. You can even make money by taking their surveys. 

Freelance on the side

Freelance During Your Free Time

Flex Jobs: Want a full-time gig from home? Flex Jobs posts remote and contract jobs in all industries.

Virtual Vocations: Virtual Vocations is like Indeed or Monster, but they only post remote jobs. So you can find your dream job working from home. 

Angel List: Angel List lets you work remotely with a start-up. Jobs range from contract to full time, and some even offer shareholder benefits.

Thumbtack: Do you have a specialized skill or service? Market your services online or meet up with your local neighbors. Tasks range from data entry to dog grooming. 

Fiverr: Create a small “gateway” offer on Fiverr (for around $5-$10) and make bigger money on the upsells. You can sell any service from voiceover talent to marketing work. 

Upwork: Upwork connects entrepreneurs and large agencies with all kinds of freelancers. Unfortunately, Upwork charges hefty fees, but with big projects and quality clients, you can make a good living here. 

Outsourcely: Unlike sites like Fiverr and Upwork, which usually offer single projects, Outsourcely lets you find full-time freelancing gigs to launch your ideal side business.

Sell information products

Create and Sell Information Products

Skillshare: Have a specific skill? Skillshare lets you make money teaching everything from bullet journaling to basket weaving. 

Teachable: Teachable lets you create an entire course in one easy-to-build platform and then takes care of the marketing for you. You’ll have to pay transaction fees, but the start-up costs are small.

Podia: Podia is similar to Teachable but doesn’t charge any transaction fees. However, you’ll have to do your own marketing.

Sell information products

Become a Tutor

Course Hero: Course Hero claims that top tutors earn up to $500/week teaching courses like Finance, Accounting, Physics, and Chemistry.

Teach English: If you’re a native or fluent English speaker, you can make money tutoring people all over the world. 

Tutor in Your Favorite Subject: lets you choose a school subject you love (math, science, law, engineering, etc.) or a specific skill (ACT Prep, conga drums, acting, editing, etc.). Some topics will have more opportunities than others, but it’s a great way to make some side money teaching something you absolutely love.

Sell stuff online

Sell Stuff Online

Offer Up: Offer Up is designed to sell locally to your neighbors. While you can ship items if you wish, the option to meet up in person makes this a simple way to make some extra money right now. 

Mercari: Unlike most online selling websites, Mercari doesn’t take a fee. They also don’t limit what you can sell. So scour your house to find items that you no longer need and start making some cash on the side. 

ThredUp: ThredUp lets you sell your clothes on consignment. The downside is they only take new(ish) designer and brand label clothing. The upside is you can make quite a bit of cash for the nicer pieces you no longer wish to keep. Plus, you can free up some space in your closets. 

Etsy: If you have a knack for crafts, you can sell your work on Etsy – from handmade paintings and jewelry to comics and wedding favors.

Perform small tasks

Perform Small Tasks

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Perform small, simple tasks to help companies optimize their websites and funnels. Tasks can range from testing the buttons on a website for functionality to transcribing audio and deciding if website content is NSFW. Each task pays a minimal fee, but you can take on as many tasks as you want. 

Easy Shift: Easy shift lets you make money performing small tasks in your area – doing things like taking pictures of in-store displays, checking prices, and more. Users earn points based on how many tasks they perform and how well they execute the tasks. 

Become a virtual assistant

Become a Copywriter

Copify: If you fancy yourself a copywriter, Copify will hire you to produce websites, blogs, press releases, and more. Writers make up to $30 per 500 words.

Text Broker: Get paid to write articles, even if you’re not an expert. Text Broker lets you write at different quality levels, depending on what the client is looking for. 5-star article writers make about 5 cents/word (up to $25/500 words).

Crowd Content: Crowd Content is one of the most versatile copywriting websites, letting you make money on the side writing web copy, blogs, white papers, press releases, SEO content, and product descriptions. Writers make about 

Scripted: Scripted lets you go a step beyond web copywriting to build a side hustle writing video scripts, social media content, newsletters, and more. 

It’s Not Hard, But It Takes Work

Starting a side hustle doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just have to pick a lane and get started. So choose one (or five) of the options above and start adding some extra cash to your bottom line.

Welcome to the gig economy!

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